Register of superintendent pharmacists acting for more than one organisation

A superintendent pharmacist takes responsibility for the way in which a company carries out its professional pharmaceutical activities. Since 1 December 2022, superintendents can be responsible for more than one company.

Download the latest register of superintendent pharmacists acting for more than one organisation. The document will automatically download, as you click on the above link.

The superintendents register is updated regularly, please always check the information and download a new copy of the register from this webpage, rather than relying on copies from other sources.

Superintendents' register

Details of superintendents who are responsible for one or more companies are collated on the above spreadsheet and the information is also reflected on our pharmacist register.

We publish this information following the Pharmacy (Preparation and Dispensing Errors – Hospital and Other Pharmacy Services) Order 2022, and the Pharmacy (Responsible Pharmacists, Superintendent Pharmacists etc.) Order 2022,  which both came into force in the December of that year, following Privy Council approval of the legislative change.

These Orders give the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland (PSNI) powers to set professional standards for responsible pharmacists, superintendent pharmacists and chief pharmacists.

Nominating a superintendent to be responsible for more than one organisation

Follow this link to find the application form and for full details on how the nomination process works.

The nomination process also applies if you are registering a pharmacy premises for the first time or if you are changing the pharmacy's ownership.