Information for employers

If you employ a pharmacist (or a pharmacy technician), you must first check that they are registered as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician with the GPhC.

The registration process for some pharmacists and pharmacy technicians with non-UK qualifications has changed following the UK's departure from the European Union. You may need to check additional information to employ pharmacy professionals from the European Economic Area. 

See our Brexit Q&A for further information 

Check the GPhC registers

Employing temporary registrants during the COVID-19 emergency

If you are considering employing a pharmacy professional on our temporary register, make sure you have read our guidance for employers and pharmacy owners, which sets out your responsibilities.

Responsible Pharmacist

The owner of a retail pharmacy business must appoint a Responsible Pharmacist who is a registered pharmacist, to be in charge of the registered pharmacy. The Responsible Pharmacist’s role is to secure the safe and effective running of the registered pharmacy when it is operational. The pharmacy owner must ensure that there are arrangements in place for an RP to be appointed.

Find out more information about the role of the Responsible Pharmacist.

English language skills

From 21 November 2016, all applicants and registrants have to provide evidence that they have the necessary knowledge of English language for safe and effective practice. The evidence must comply with our guidance on providing evidence of English language skills.

Please be aware that our requirements concerning evidence of English language skills do not replace the very important role that you as employers will continue to play in checking that the pharmacy professionals you wish to employ for a particular role are competent to carry out that role and have the necessary knowledge of English to practise safely and effectively, as part of your interview and selection processes.

Temporary and occasional service provision

As a result of the end of the Brexit transition period, registration as a temporary and occasional service provider is no longer possible. To work as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician, pharmacy professionals must join Part 1 or Part 2 of the register or the temporary register.