Pharmacy premises registration

Under the Medicines Act 1968, a business or organisation must register a physical premises as a pharmacy if it intends to carry out one or more of the following activities from those premises:

  • sell Pharmacy medicines ('P medicines')
  • supply P medicines or Prescription Only Medicines (POMs) against prescriptions, which require the product to be labelled for a specific patient as a dispensed medicinal product
  • supply P medicines or Prescription Only Medicines (POMs) against prescriptions written by veterinary practitioners for the treatment of animals under the ‘cascade’

For the premises to join our register, a business or organisation must have arrangements in place to make sure that it is able to run the proposed pharmacy premises safely and effectively, and in a way which meets the standards for registered pharmacies. We will also ask for evidence of this when a pharmacy changes ownership, or rejoins the register.

Renewing your pharmacy premises registration

If your pharmacy is already registered, manage your renewal through the myGPhC pharmacy system.

Managing your pharmacy premises registration

Use the links below to find out more about the processes to follow when registering phamacy premises: