Change of pharmacy ownership

Under the Medicines Act 1968, the new owner of a registered pharmacy is required to notify us of the change of ownership

If you are the new owner of a registered pharmacy, complete and submit a notification of change of ownership of a registered pharmacy form - (on click the document will attempt to download automatically) to notify us that the ownership of a registered pharmacy has changed.

Important: any applications which are posted to us may be delayed as we currently only have limited access to our offices. If you are planning to submit an application, please send a scanned copy to us by email at the address on the form. Please do not submit more than one copy of your application as it may mean that you are inadvertently charged twice. 

As part of your application, you will need to complete an assessment to show how you will meet the standards for registered pharmacies [PDF 985 KB] from the first day your pharmcy is open. 

If you plan to operate a pharmacy service over the internet, you will also need to show us how you propose to meet our guidance for registered pharmacies providing pharmacy services at a distance, including on the internet [PDF 576 KB].

Notification time limits

You can submit the form before the date of change if you want, but we must receive your notification within 28 days of the date on which the change of ownership has taken place.

If the change of ownership is a result of the death of the sole trader or one of the partners, you have more time to submit your notification – we must receive it within three months of the date of death.

If you fail to notify us of the change of ownership within these time limits, we will remove the pharmacy premises from the register.

To restore the premises to the register, you will need to complete a restoration application and pay the appropriate restoration fee.

Transfer date

This is the date on which you and your organisation becomes legally responsible for owning and operating the pharmacy. It is important that this date is recorded accurately on the pharmacy register database.  If this date changes you will need to notify us in writing.

Body corporates: nominating a superintendent

If you are submitting an application on behalf of a corporate body (such as a limited company or NHS Trust) that does not currently own registered pharmacy premises, you must also nominate a superintendent pharmacist.

Complete the nomination of a superintendent form and include it with your application - (on click the document will attempt to download automatically).