Revalidation - FAQs

Answers to all the main questions we’ve been asked about revalidation

Do I need to complete the minimum of nine CPD entries for 2017/18 if my renewal is due before 31 October 2018? If so, could these records still be called for review?

Everyone on the register still has the duty to meet the CPD requirements until revalidation starts in April 2018. However, we will not be calling records related to previous periods – revalidation will be a fresh start. Therefore, you must do your CPD - but how you choose to record it is up to you. Remember you might want to use your records for other reasons, such as part of an application to return to the register after a break in future, or as part of your own development, so please do keep some kind of record.

How many CPD entries do I have to submit, and what do I need to include?

In the first year that you submit revalidation records, you will need to carry out and record four CPD records.  You will need to submit these records by your next renewal deadline on or after 31 October 2018.

In the second year that you submit revalidation records, and in all following years, you will need to carry out, and record four CPD records, a peer discussion record and a reflective account record. You will need to submit these records by your next renewal deadline on or after 31 October 2019.

When can I access the new recording system?

We will contact you by post during April 2018 to give you the information you’ll need to set up an account on the updated myGPhC system. Now is a good time to make sure we have your most current address details.

To manage demand, we will contact groups of registrants based on their registration expiry date – so we may contact you at a different time from your colleagues. Set up your account as soon as possible after you hear from us so you are ready to record your revalidation activity and renew your registration.

When will I lose access to my old CPD account?

In April 2018, will become read only. On 1 June 2018, the system will be taken offline and closed. All records will be deleted.

If you want to keep any of the records you have entered into, then you will need to print them by 1 June 2018. See section 7 of the CPDOnline user guide for instructions on how to do this.

What is a peer discussion and how does it work?

You will not need to submit a peer discussion record for your first submission, but all registrants can start to think about their peer discussions.

There is more information on what’s involved in carrying out a peer discussion in the revalidation framework, and on the revalidation resources page.

Why not start thinking about finding a peer now so you can try out having and recording a discussion?

I’m based outside the UK. How can I take part in the peer discussions?

Your peer discussion should be an open and honest conversation with someone you trust and respect. Your peer can be anyone who understands your practice.

Neither you nor your peer have to be based in the UK, and the discussion you have can take place in person, or over the phone, via video call or webchat.

You will need to check that your peer agrees to be named in your record and to be contacted to confirm that the discussion took place, if your records are selected for review.

I may not be practising at some points during the year – do I still have to do revalidation?

You may have a good reason for not being able to submit your records - taking sick or maternity leave, going on a military posting or taking a break from practice, for example. You should tell us as soon as possible if you think you are not going to be able to meet the revalidation requirement, through myGPhC.

Based on the explanation and evidence you give us, we may ask you to submit fewer records, or give you more time to complete them.