Revalidation resources

Revalidation is a process which helps pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to keep their professional skills and knowledge up to date.  It helps to show how you provide the safe and effective care patients and the public expect, as set out in the standards for pharmacy professionals.

We have lots of resources to help you complete your revalidation, covering your reflective account, peer discussion and continuing professional development

Reflective account

The purpose of the reflective account is to encourage you to think about how you meet our standards in the work you do.

Make sure you carry out your reflective account in plenty of time so you’re able to include how your learning has benefited people.

Standards to focus on in your reflective account 

The standards you should reflect on when renewing your registration:

  • Standard one: Pharmacy professionals must provide person-centred care
  • Standard two: Pharmacy professionals must work in partnership with others
  • Standard five: Pharmacy professionals must use their professional judgement

Practise writing a reflective account

It’s a good idea to practise writing a reflective account. Use our form and guidance  to try writing one for your work. 

Peer discussion    

Peer discussion is a development activity that encourages you to reflect on your learning and practice with others.

Having an open and honest conversation with someone who you trust and respect can help support you to improve.

You’ll need to show how your learning has benefitted people, so make sure you carry out your peer discussion in plenty of time.

Planned and unplanned continuing professional development

For revalidation, we want to hear how you’re developing your knowledge, skills and approach to do your job more effectively.

You’ll need to complete four CPD entries a year. At least two of these must be planned, such as attending a training course or reading relevant resources.

The rest can be unplanned, such as identifying learning when attending a meeting or responding to a query from a patient or another health professional.

It can be helpful to note your CPD activities throughout the year on your myGPhC account. Otherwise, you can use the downloadable forms and transfer the information to myGPhC to submit them.