Revalidation at a glance

Revalidation is a process which will help you to keep your professional skills and knowledge up to date. It will help you to show how you provide the safe and effective care patients and the public expect, as set out in the standards for pharmacy professionals

It will begin to be implemented from 30 March 2018. Find out what you will need to do and when below.

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What do I have to do and when?

In the first year that you submit revalidation records, you will need to carry out, record and submit four CPD records. 

In the second year that you submit revalidation records, and in all following years, you will need to carry out, record and submit four CPD records, a peer discussion record and a reflective account record.

You will need to record and submit these activities using the updated myGPhC online system.

Pharmacy professionals with a registration renewal deadline of 31 October will be the first group to submit four CPD records when they renew their registration. You will need to submit four CPD records the next time your renewal is due on or after this date.

In the next year, and in all following years, you will need to carry out and record:

  • four continued personal development (CPD) records, at least two of which must be planned learning activities
  • one reflective account
  • one peer discussion

Each time your registration renewal is due from 31 October 2019, you will need to submit  records of these activities which you’ve carried out over the previous year, to meet the revalidation requirement part of your registration renewal.

If you are not able to submit all of the records because you have taken sick leave, maternity leave, or a break from practice for example, you will need to tell us why, and provide evidence.

To see what you will need to record and submit and when, take a look at your personal revalidation timeline

Important: previous CPD entries

The current CPD system, at, is now read-only. It will be taken offline on 1 June 2018 and all content will be deleted.

If you want to keep any CPD entries you have previously recorded in, you will need to print them as PDFs by 1 June 2018. See our step by step guide for help to do this.

Is there any guidance on carrying out and recording revalidation activities?

The revalidation framework sets out our expectations of what you must do each year to meet the revalidation requirement, including:

  • what records you need to make
  • how you need to record them
  • what you need to do if you can’t submit the records

It also covers what how we will:

  • select records for review
  • review records and give you feedback
  • follow up with you when we feel our review criteria are not met

You can also start carrying out and recording revalidation entries offline using the revalidation record templates.

How do I record and submit my revalidation records?

You will need to record and submit your revalidation records using the updated myGPhC online system, which will be launched in April 2018. You will also be able to use the updated system to renew your registration.

You’ll need to set up an account on the updated system. We will contact you by email, and by post during April 2018 to give you the information you’ll need to do this. To manage demand, we will contact groups of registrants based on their registration expiry date – so we may contact you at a different time from your colleagues. Set up your account as soon as possible after you hear from us so you are ready to record your revalidation activity and renew your registration.

Important: you can record your revalidation activity before you create your account – find out more about how to carry out and record revalidation activities in the revalidation framework, and record your entries offline using the revalidation record templates. You can transfer your records to the online system later.

What happens when I submit my revalidation records?

When you submit your revalidation records, we check to make sure you have submitted the right number and type of records. We will then include your submission in the pool from which we select records to review.

We will start reviewing CPD records in January 2019, and reflective account and peer discussion records in January 2020. We will provide feedback around two months later.

If you are selected for review, we will tell you about it and afterwards you will receive personalised feedback from us. You can use the learning for your next submission.

If you are not selected for review, you will receive summary feedback from us based on the reviews we have done. You can use this feedback for your next submission.

See the revalidation framework for more information on how we carry out the review process.