Revalidation for pharmacy professionals

The trust people have in pharmacy professionals is strong. It is based mostly on the knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of individual pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, and the relationships they have with the people using their services. But part of that trust also comes because people, especially patients and service users, expect health professionals – be they doctors, nurses or pharmacists – to keep their knowledge and skills up to date.

Revalidation for pharmacy professionals is our proposal for how we will work with pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to show that the trust in pharmacy professionals is well placed. It builds upon our existing framework for continuing professional development (CPD) and adds extra components to encourage reflection on learning and practice and further focus on benefits for people using pharmacy services.

Revalidation is something that health professionals and their employers know well from the models that have been put in place for doctors, nurses and midwives. The pharmacy professions are distinct from other professions and from one another, so we are proposing something similar in name but fundamentally different in design so that it is tailored for pharmacy.

We recently consulted upon proposals to introduce revalidation for pharmacy professionals, which were developed over three years of research, testing, piloting and evaluation done in collaboration with pharmacy professionals and involving members of the public.

The changes we proposed were to:

  • reduce and simplify the recording requirements for CPD
  • introduce a peer discussion
  • introduce a reflective account
  • simplify the standards and guidance
  • ask for records to be submitted every year at the same time that pharmacy professionals make their declarations for renewal of registration
  • improve the review of submitted records

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