Sitting the registration assessment in June 2023

All you need to know to apply for and to sit the registration assessment in June 2023

Sitting dates

Sitting details

Eligibility to sit

Applying to sit the assessment

Sitting locations

Requesting a reasonable adjustment

Are you fit to sit?

Preparing to sit the assessment

On the day

Results and registration

Sitting dates

The registration assessment will take place on 27 June 2023

Sitting details

The registration assessment regulations [PDF 245 KB] set out key information and rules that cover this sitting of the assessment. We have also confirmed the list of permitted items [PDF 166 KB] you may have access to during the assessment.

The registration assessment specification [PDF 258 KB] sets out how the assessment will be run, and will help you decide if you need to request a reasonable adjustment.

The registration assessment framewor[PDF 265 KB] sets out the outcomes that will be tested and gives an idea of some of the topics this sitting of the assessment may cover.

Eligibility to sit

To sit the Summer 2023 assessment, we must have received a record of you having completed 39 weeks of training on or before 8 May, with a week 39 progress report completed as satisfactory.

Applying to sit the assessment

Before you begin
  1. Make sure that you have created your myGPhC account and that you can log in. 
  2. Check that the details showing on your myGPhC account, including your training details, are correct. If your training details have changed since the start of your training, you should have notified us of the changes and will have received an updated training record. If any of the information is not right, complete and send us a change of foundation training details form.

You and your designated supervisor must have completed your 39-week progress report online via myGPhC before you can complete your assessment application.

Important: when using myGPhC, please ensure you and your designated supervisor use an up to date version of an internet browser such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Do not use Internet Explorer as you may experience compatibility issues which prevent you from submitting your progress report.

Step one: myGPhC application 

Complete the online application form available to you through myGPhC from Wednesday 1 March 2023. To be eligible for the autumn assessment you must complete and submit your application by 5.00 pm on Monday 8 May

As part of your myGPhC application for the assessment, you must:

confirm your personal details complete declarations about your application, and your understanding of the assessment process and regulations.

If your application meets all of the requirements for assessment entry, you will receive a notification via your myGPhC account confirming that you have been approved to sit the assessment. You will receive this after the application deadline and before Monday 15 May 2023

If you have not received your confirmation by this date and you believe that you meet all of the entry requirements, please contact our customer contact centre as soon as possible on 020 3713 8000 or email after this date. 

It is essential that your personal details on myGPhC are correct. It is your responsibility to update your personal details when you are submitting your application as these are the details that will be sent to BTL.

  • provide a copy of the photo identification you will use to confirm your identity on the day of the assessment
  • pay the application fee of £182.
Step two: Surpass assessment booking

Once you have received your notification through myGPhC in May confirming you have been approved to sit, you will be allocated a place at a test centre. You will be able to view the details of your test centre place, on the Scheduler system used by Surpass, and you will be able to move your place for a short time. 

We will provide more specific information about the test centre places with your application confirmation in due course.  

Sitting locations

You will sit the assessment at a test centre, using the Surpass online system. There are test centres throughout the UK.

We will reserve seats in centres for all candidates approved to sit. You will then have the opportunity to view and change your place through the Surpass system, subject to availability.

Requesting a reasonable adjustment

If you have a specific need which you feel could disadvantage you when sitting the registration assessment, please take a look at our dedicated Requesting a reasonable adjustment page.

If you have requested an adjustment for a previous sitting, you will need to apply again if you want to request an adjustment for this sitting, although you may be able to use your medical evidence again. 

You must complete and submit your form by 9.00am on 22 March 2023. There is no process for submitting late adjustments so you must make sure you submit your application by this deadline.

Are you fit to sit?

It is very important that you only sit the registration assessment if you are fit to do so. Being ‘fit to sit’ means that you do not know of any reason why your performance would be adversely affected on the day of the assessment.

If you are aware of anything that might affect your performance on the day, you should not sit the assessment – even if it is a difficult decision to make. You are eligible to withdraw from a sitting at any time up until the assessment begins.

Preparing to sit the assessment

Assessment structure

Part one paper

Part one of the assessment is made up of 40 calculation questions. You will have two hours to complete these, and you will be able to use a calculator.

Part two paper

Part two of the assessment is made up of 120 questions, split into three sections:

  • Section 1: 45 'single-best-answer' questions
  • Section 2: 45 'single-best-answer' questions
  • Section 3: 30 'extended-matching' questions

You will have 2.5 hours to complete these, and you will not be able to use a calculator.

The registration assessment framework [PDF 265 KB]  sets out the outcomes that will be tested and gives an idea of some of the topics this sitting of the assessment may cover.

Example questions

We have prepared a set of example questions for both parts of the assessment. These questions are presented in the Surpass system, which you will use to sit the assessment- so you can familiarise yourself with the system functionality. Use the example questions guide [PDF 986 KB] to find out how the system works, and to mark your answers.

See the part one example questions

See the part two example questions

For these example questions, no information about you or your answers will be recorded.

The example questions will time out after one hour, but you can access them again by refreshing your browser or clicking the links above again. You can work through the questions as many times as you like. 

Watch the webinar recording of the Surpass test system walkthrough

Feedback from previous sittings

After each assessment sitting, the Board of Assessors - who are responsible for setting and assuring the registration assessment - produce feedback about the topics that candidates found difficult. Use these feedback documents below to help you prepare for your attempt:


You will be able to use calculators in part one of the registration assessment. You can use the on screen calculator, or you can bring your own calculator to the assessment.

On the day

We will give you information and guidance on what to expect on the day

The guidance document will tell you what to prepare before the assessment, what to expect on the day, and next steps after the assessment. 

The permitted items list sets out what you will be allowed to keep with you during the assessment.

Check the list [PDF 156 KB]

Checks on the day of the assessment 

You will need to verify your identity when you sit the assessment, by presenting a valid form of photo identification. The only forms of photo identification Surpass will accept on the day are a valid driving licence or passport. 

Important: your identity document must be valid on the day of the assessment or you may not be able to sit. If you do not have any of these forms of ID, please contact us as soon as possible. 

Your name will be verified as part of the identity check at the assessment. 

The name we hold on our records, the one on your application form, and the one on your photo identification must all match. If they do not, you must let us know by completing a Changing your registered name form.

Results and registration

You will receive more information about results and next steps in good time.