COVID-19 Q&A: for pre-registration pharmacy technicians

We have compiled answers to the questions we are being asked in relation to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Categorised by theme, use the links below to navigate to the relevant section. 

Last reviewed 1 Feburary 2022.

How long will it take to process my application for initial registration as a pharmacy technician?

We are still processing completed applications for initial registration as a pharmacy technician, but there may be some delays because we currently have limited access to any post sent to our offices. Once you have your certificates and have had your identity documents certified, please apply online, upload all documents to the portal and post the certified documents to the GPhC offices. We are visiting the offices on a regular basis to process all certified documents sent to us. We would estimate that it will take four to six weeks to process your application, from the point your certified documents arrive at our offices.

What should I do if my course provider is not currently able to send me my certificate?

We know that some trainees who have completed their training are experiencing challenges in obtaining certificates from course providers. We have arranged with course providers for them to send us their pass lists directly, so you do not need to provide certificates with your application at the moment.

When applying online you can upload a blank piece of paper in the certificate field and in the certifiers field you may write 0000 or N/A and this will allow you to proceed further. This only applies to individuals recently qualified and are unable to obtain their certificates.

Do I still need to get my identity documents certified by a legal professional during lockdown?

We do still need your identity documents to be certified by a legal professional for your initial application as a pharmacy technician. We recognise some trainees are experiencing challenges in having their identity documents certified by a solicitor or other legal professional. We would suggest that you contact all local solicitors and also speak to your current employer, who may be able to assist in relation to identifying a legal professional who can help.

We are also currently reviewing options for a new identity verification process and will provide further details on this page once the new process is introduced.

What should I do if I am unable to complete my training in the planned timelines because of the impact of the pandemic? (For example, I am shielding)?

If you are unable to complete your training for any reason then you should talk to your tutor or mentor and to your employer as early as possible. Education providers are able to be flexible on deadlines, and there is flexibility over the two years of training to catch up if you need to. If you are concerned about your employment contract coming to an end before you complete your training then speak to your employer as soon as you can to explore the options that may be available to you.