Pre-registration Manual

Welcome from the registrar

GPhC chief executive and registrar, Duncan Rudkin


On behalf of the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC), let me welcome you to your pre-registration training year.

The GPhC is the independent pharmacy regulator in Great Britain. Our role is to protect the public and give them assurance that they will receive safe and effective care when using pharmacy services.

We set standards for pharmacy professionals and pharmacies to enter and remain on our register, and we seek assurance that pharmacy professionals and pharmacies continue to meet our standards, including by inspecting pharmacies.

We act to protect the public and to uphold public confidence in pharmacy if there are concerns about a pharmacy professional or pharmacy on our register.

Through our work we help to promote professionalism, support continuous improvement and assure the quality and safety of pharmacy.

We are involved in the lives of pharmacists from the day they start their education and training. We set the education and training standards for pharmacy and we accredit your MPharm and OSPAP courses. We also assure the quality of pre-registration training, and set and run the final assessment that you will have to pass before you can apply to be registered as a pharmacist.

The aim of this training year is for you to demonstrate that you have the skills, knowledge and character to practise to the standards expected of a
pharmacist. You should take every opportunity to learn and gain experience throughout the year. Your pre-registration year is not just about assessments,
but about learning how to practise in a way that delivers the best outcomes for patients and members of the public. Your tutor for the training year can help
to guide you in these areas.

Our website has resources that will be important to you. These include:

I hope that you enjoy your training year. If you have any questions or feedback on the pre-registration scheme, please do contact us.

Best wishes


Duncan Rudkin

Chief Executive and Registrar