Pre-registration Manual

1. The pre-registration year


1.1  Key features

The key features of pre-registration training are:

  • it takes at least 52 weeks (if done full time)
  • you will train under the supervision of a pre-registration tutor
  • you must be formally assessed ‘signed off’ at least four times by your tutor
  • you must pass the registration assessment (you can have only three attempts at this)
  • there are limits on the time allowed to finish pre-registration training, and these are explained in the GPhC Criteria for registration as a pharmacist [PDF 674 KB].

1.2  Time limits

To make sure you have up-to-date knowledge and skills when you apply to register as a pharmacist, we put a time limit on passing pre-registration training. You must complete your initial pharmacy education and training successfully and apply to register with the GPhC within:

  • eight years of the date you began your MPharm degree, or
  • four years of the date you began your OSPAP postgraduate diploma

1.3  Special circumstances for extending the time limits

We may extend the limits if your training has been interrupted, or if you have had to complete it part time, for example because of:

  • part-time study

  • reasonable adjustments to accommodate a specific need

  • maternity or paternity leave

  • a serious illness

  • time spent serving in the Army Reserves or completing national service.

    We will only grant extensions on the basis of appropriate evidence. This could include evidence from an appropriately qualified professional.

If you think your circumstances may mean you can have the time limits extended, please contact us.