Supervising pharmacist independent prescribers in training

We want to hear your views about proposed changes to the supervision requirements of pharmacist independent prescribers in training.

Currently, pharmacists wanting to become independent prescribers must undertake additional education and training which includes being supervised by a designated medical practitioner in practice.

Our discussion paper proposes that in the future, the right to supervise those training to be pharmacist independent prescribers would be extended to pharmacist prescribers and other experienced prescribers.

We have given some preliminary conclusions in this paper, which we need to test. If there is support for our conclusions, we will:

  • use them to develop specific supervision requirements for pharmacist independent prescribers in training, and
  • include them in our formal consultation on revised education and training standards for pharmacist independent prescribers in 2017

Read our discussion document to find out more about our approach and our thinking: