Our committees

The Pharmacy Order 2010 makes provision for three statutory committees investigating fitness to practise and appeals.

We took the view that additional non-statutory committees should be kept to a minimum to help minimise bureaucracy, focus resources on outcomes and make sure that responsibilities are clear.  

Statutory committees  

Our statutory committees carry out its regulatory functions of investigating and deciding on registrants' fitness to practice, and conducting registration appeals. The committees were established by the Pharmacy Order 2010.

Investigating committee

This committee considers allegations that a registrant's fitness to practise is impaired and decides whether to refer a case to the fitness to practise committee for a full inquiry.

Fitness to Practise committee

This committee makes decisions in cases where a registrant's fitness to practise may be impaired, for reasons concerning their conduct, professional performance or health.

Registration Appeals committee

This committee considers appeals of certain types of decision relating to applications for registration and registration status as listed in article 39 of the Pharmacy Order 2010.  

Non-statutory committees

In addition to the three statutory committees that are specified in the legislation, have the following non-statutory committees:

Audit and Risk committee

The audit and risk committee supports the governing council by reviewing internal and external audit arrangements and assuring our risk management and internal control arrangements.

Workforce committee

The Workforce Committee provides advice to the Council on the pay framework for Council members, associates and staff and monitoring a range of issues including organisational development, health and wellbeing and the employer aspects of equality, diversity and inclusion.

Asurance and appointments committee

The assurnace and appointments committee is responsible for the oversight of recruitment, training and monitoring of performance of our three statutory committees.

Finance and Planning committee

The finance and planning committee provides the governing Council with assurance on the continuing efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation, including overseeing business and financial planning. 

Quality and Performance Assurance committe

The Council has established the Quality and Performance Assurance Committee (QPAC) to support the Council by overseeing and monitoring the measurement and management of quality and performance across the range of the Council’s activities, to enable the Council to carry out its oversight responsibilities.

Committee meetings

Statutory committee public hearings are open to the public in some circumstances. If you wish to attend a meeting, please contact the GPhC on 0203 713 8000.

All other GPhC committee meetings are generally private.