Pre-registration Manual

6. After the registration assessment

6.1  Finding out if you have passed the assessment

After the registration assessment, we will email you or send you a letter to tell you your result.

If you want to receive your result by email, make sure you have signed up to myGPhC and indicated email in your communication preferences. If you do not want to receive your results by email, we will post them to you first class to the address you have given us.

You will receive information about what to do after you get your assessment result as part of the candidate information we send you. Make sure you read this carefully and get in touch with the contact centre if there’s anything you don’t understand. 

Important: remember that we do not give results over the phone as we cannot verify a caller’s identity.

6.2 Applying to register as a pharmacist

You are eligible to register as a pharmacist once you meet the registration criteria, including:

  • having completed pre-registration training, shown by a week-52 declaration signed by your tutor, and
  • having passed the registration assessment

Remember that you cannot practise as a pharmacist until your registration is complete and your name appears on the register.

See section 7 for more information on applying to the register.

Check the key dates page to see when you will need to submit your application form to join the register at the date you plan to.

You can submit an application to register as a pharmacist any time after week 49 of your training. We will put your application ‘on hold’ until your registration assessment result and any other information we need about your training is confirmed.

6.3  If you do not pass the registration assessment

If you are unsuccessful at a registration assessment sitting, we will send you guidance with your results. This explains the appeals system, and preparing to sit the assessment again.

You may also find it helpful to contact support organisations, like Pharmacist Support who can help you work out your next steps. 

Sitting another assessment

You can find future assessment dates and entry deadlines on the key dates page.

You may have to complete a six-month placement to be able to sit registration asssessment again. This is so that you can maintain and enhance your competence in the pharmacy environment, and focus on the areas of the framework where you performed less well in your previous attempts at the assessment.

Under the registration assessment regulations, you must complete a six month placement before you can enter the registration assessment, if:

  • you have failed the registration assessment twice
  • more than 18 months have passed between your first and second attempt at the assessment, or
  • more than 12 months has passed since you completed a six-month period of supervised employment.

You can find out more about six-month placements in the guidance part of the Notification of six-month placement form.

6.4  Appeals

If you fail the assessment, you can appeal. You have to tell us about:

  • new information or circumstances that have come to light since you sat the assessment, and that you were not aware of at the time
  • a registration assessment procedure that you feel was not correctly applied by the GPhC  

which would have affected your performance on the day. This is set out in the registration assessment regulations.

If your appeal is upheld, the Registrar may nullify your assessment result, and that assessment will not count as one of your available attempts.

If your appeal is about circumstances you could have used to request a nullification, or any circumstances that you knew about before you sat the assessment, your appeal will not be considered. By sitting the assessment you declared yourself 'fit to sit'.