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Members of the public

Commonly-asked questions

How do I check if a pharmacist, pharmacy technician or pharmacy is registered?

You can search the register using the ‘Search for a’ search box on the right side of our homepage, or on our Registers’ page, to check if a pharmacist, pharmacy technician or pharmacy is on our register.

How do I raise a concern about a pharmacist, pharmacy technician or pharmacy?

Please go to our ‘Raising concerns’ page, read the information and select ‘report a concern’ towards the end of the page if you think we are the right organisation with which to raise your concern. Please then read the information provided and follow the prompts given. Go to the raising concerns page

How do I find pharmacy inspection reports?

Please follow this link to the pharmacy inspections website

If you still need to speak to us, please call us on 0203 713 8000, email info@pharmacyregulation.org or get in touch via Twitter.


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