Pre-registration Manual

Resitting in 2020? No need to complete a six-month placement

Mon, 2019-10-21 14:37 -- suzannah.nobbs

If you plan to re-sit the registration assessment for the second or third time in 2020, you do not have to complete a six-month placement to be eligible to sit the exam. We have removed this requirement from the assessment regulations for all sittings from 2020 onwards, so that you can reflect on your performance in the assessment and form your own plan to address the issues you identify.

Although there is no longer a formal requirement to complete any further pharmacy work experience, you may still want to continue with a current placement, or to arrange work experience before your next assessment sitting, if you feel that this would help you prepare to sit the assessment again. It’s important that you reflect on your performance, identify any issues, and make a plan to address these. This will help to give you the best chance of passing the assessment when you next attempt it.

If you do decide to carry out further pharmacy work experience, you do not need to notify us or provide any information to us about it.

You can find out more about what to do to prepare to resit the assessment in section 6.3.