GPhC announces results from June 2018 registration assessment

We are pleased to announce the names of the 2318 pre-registration trainee pharmacists who passed their registration assessment in June.

There were 2942 candidates who sat our registration assessment on 28 June 2018, with 2318 candidates who passed the assessment; a pass rate of 79%

There were 2642 candidates who sat the assessment for the first time; 146 for the second time and 154 for the third time.

Pre-registration trainee pharmacists are permitted three attempts at the registration assessment.

This year’s pass rate of 79% compares with the 78.2% pass rate for the June 2017 registration assessment.   

GPhC Chief Executive Duncan Rudkin said:

“I want to congratulate the trainees who passed this year’s registration assessment and wish them well for their future careers. I also want to acknowledge the hard work of tutors and education and training providers in helping trainees prepare for this important step. 

“The registration assessment allows us to test that pre-registration trainee pharmacists can demonstrate that they understand how to apply their knowledge appropriately and make professional judgements in pharmacy practice. By only registering those who pass this challenging assessment, we can provide assurance to patients and the public that the pharmacists on our register can practise safely and effectively.”  

Notes to editors


June 2018 pass rates 
  • The pass rate for part 1 is 88.3%
  • The pass rate for part 2 is 83.3%
June 2018 Pass mark per paper 
  • The pass mark for part 1 is 24/39 – one question was removed (from the usual 40)
  • The pass mark for part 2 is 78/117– three questions were removed (from the usual 120) 

June 2018 summary statistics

Candidate numbers Number % of total
Total number of candidates 2942 100%
Number of first sitting candidates 2642 89.8%
Number of second sitting candidates 146 5.0%
Number of third sitting candidates 154 5.2%
Candidate performance – pass rates Number % of total
Overall pass 2318 78.79%
Overall fail 624 21.21%
First sitting candidates - pass 2150 81.4%
Second sitting candidates - pass 81 55.48%
Third sitting candidates - pass 87 56.49%


June Registration Assessment results 2012-2017

*Pass rates are rounded to the nearest whole number

Registration year Total # sitting Total # passing Pass rate
2018 2942 2318 79%
2017 2823 2208 78%
2016 2804 2672 95%
2015 2811 2077 74%
2014 2552 2175 85%
2013 2579 1999 78%
2012 2475 2342 95%
2011 2357 2015 86%



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