GPhC announces results of September 2015 registration assessment

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) is pleased to announce the names of the 626 pre-registration trainee pharmacists who passed their registration assessment in September; a pass rate of 64%

This compares to a pass rate of 69% for the September 2013 registration assessment and a pass rate of 61% for the September 2014 registration assessment.

View the list of successful candidates here.
September 2015 registration assessment pass list

The registration applications of the successful candidates are being processed so that they can join the register as soon as possible.

There were 976 candidates who sat the registration assessment on 25 September 2015, with 626 candidates passing the assessment.

Two hundred and ninety four candidates sat the assessment for the first time, 622 sat for the second time and 60 sat for the third time. The pass rate for candidates sitting the assessment for the first time was 56%; for those sitting for the second time the pass rate was 69%; and for those sitting for the third time the pass rate was 52%.

Duncan Rudkin, Chief Executive of the GPhC, said:

“Congratulations to those candidates who have successfully passed the registration assessment; we look forward to them joining the register shortly.

“The registration assessment remains an important tool for us to ensure that only those candidates who have the knowledge and skills to practise safely and effectively can join the register.

“We will be making a number of important changes to the registration assessment from 2016 to make sure the assessment takes advantage of current education best practice to enable trainees to better demonstrate the competencies set out in the learning outcomes.”

More information about the registration assessment is available here.