GPhC Council agree implementation date for revised criteria for registration as a pharmacy technician

The GPhC Council today agreed that revised criteria for registration as a pharmacy technician in Great Britain will come into effect on 31 August 2018, in advance of the 2018-2019 academic year. The criteria set out the required education, training and experience needed in order to register as a pharmacy technician.

In September 2017, following a public consultation, the Council agreed new standards for the initial education and training of pharmacy technicians and two key changes to the criteria for registration as a pharmacy technician.

The changes are:

  • to allow pre-registration trainee pharmacy technicians training in the UK to train under the direction, supervision or guidance of a pharmacy technician or pharmacist;
  • to remove the option for current or recently registered pharmacists in the UK to register automatically as a pharmacy technician.

As is the case when new education and training standards are introduced, there will be a transitional period in which existing courses are taught out as new ones are introduced. Typically, this phasing period lasts for two/three years for pharmacy technician courses.