GPhC publish statement ahead of BBC Inside Out special

Ahead of the BBC Inside Out special, "Boots: Pharmacists Under Pressure", the GPhC has published the following statement:

Duncan Rudkin, Chief Executive of the GPhC said:

“As the regulator, our absolute priority is to make sure people using pharmacy services receive safe and effective care.

“We can assure the public that the vast majority of pharmacies are meeting the standards and providing safe and effective care.  In the rare cases where things do go wrong, our focus is always on making sure lessons are learned to help stop the error happening again and help keep patients and the public safe.

“We look into all concerns raised with us about pharmacy professionals and pharmacies, including any incident in which a patient is harmed by a dispensing error.

“Our inspectors are out on a daily basis inspecting pharmacies and asking for evidence that pharmacies are meeting the standards we set, including that a pharmacy has enough staff to provide safe and effective services. We make sure any pharmacy not meeting a standard quickly takes action to fix this. We know this is working well- of those pharmacies who were not meeting all of the standards when inspected, 99% made the necessary improvements in order to meet the standards.”