GPhC welcomes new legislation that strengthens powers to regulate pharmacies

The Pharmacy (Premises Standards, Information Obligations, etc.) Order 2016 (Commencement) (England, Wales and Scotland) Order of Council 2018 came into force on 24 May. This strengthens the GPhC’s powers to regulate registered pharmacies, including for the first time giving the GPhC powers to publish inspection reports. It also brings about a number of changes to the GPhC’s enforcement powers for pharmacies failing to meet the standards for registered pharmacies.

In response Duncan Rudkin, Chief Executive of the GPhC said: 

“We are delighted that the Order has now come into effect. This gives us, for the first time, the powers to publish reports of our inspections. We hope this will provide greater assurance to patients and the public that registered pharmacies are meeting the standards for providing safe and effective pharmacy services.

“In line with the Order coming into effect we have launched a consultation on our proposed approach to regulating registered pharmacies, which sets out how we would use these strengthened powers. Our proposals will allow us to be more flexible as a regulator and respond to the changing needs of patients and the public and to changes in pharmacy. We believe the proposals outlined in the consultation will help to drive continuous improvement in the quality of pharmacy services and care. 

“We would urge anyone with an interest in the regulation of pharmacies to respond, and we are particularly interested to hear the views of patients and the public, pharmacy owners, members of the pharmacy team, and individuals and organisations working in the wider pharmacy and health sectors.”

You can find out more about the consultation on our website here