June 2016 registration assessment results

We are pleased to announce the names of the 2672 pre-registration trainee pharmacists who passed their registration assessment in June.

  • Registration assessment pass list: Summer 2016

There were 2804 candidates who sat our registration assessment on 29 June 2016, with 2672 candidates who passed the assessment; a pass rate of 95%.

There were 2614 candidates who sat the assessment for the first time; 102 for the second time and 88 for the third time.

Pre-registration trainee pharmacists are permitted three attempts at the registration assessment.

This was the first assessment using a new format and methodology.

In December 2014, we announced plans to make significant changes to the assessment to better reflect patient-facing pharmacy practice.

The new assessment incorporates best practice in the assessment of healthcare professionals and is designed to evaluate if trainees can demonstrate the knowledge and skills required by early career pharmacists to practise safely and effectively.

Since 2015, we have made a host of resources available to trainees, tutors and training providers to ensure that they were prepared for the new format.    

GPhC Chief Executive Duncan Rudkin said:

“The changes we have implemented this year were designed to ensure the registration assessment focused on patient-facing pharmacy practice.

“I want to congratulate the candidates who passed this year’s registration assessment and wish them well for their future careers.  

“I also want to acknowledge the hard work of tutors, education and training providers and the board of assessors in helping trainees prepare for the new assessment.“

Watch our video on what patients and the public expect from pharmacy professionals: