New rules on the way medicines containing valproate are dispensed come into force

Medicines containing valproate must now be sold or supplied in the manufacturer’s original outer packaging, with warnings about the risks of taking the medication during pregnancy.    

Children born to women who take valproate during pregnancy are at significant risk of birth defects and persistent developmental disorders. As such, it is vital that women and girls are dispensed valproate safely.  

From 11 October 2023, new rules on dispensing valproate-containing medicines come into force which require manufacturer’s original full pack dispensing of valproate-containing medicines. This is to ensure that women always receive information about the harms of valproate during pregnancy.  

Further information is available on the MHRA website and in the MHRA guidance on full pack dispensing of valproate-containing medicines  

We have sent an email update to all pharmacy professionals about dispensing valproate-containing medicines.