Postponement of 2020 revalidation submissions

Due to the challenges and pressures on the pharmacy sector at this time, and the increasing number of cases of COVID-19, we have decided to postpone the revalidation submission date for those registrants who are due to submit between 20 March and 31 August 2020 (inclusive). 

Those registrants with a submission date between March and August 2020 will not be required to submit their four CPD records, one peer discussion and one reflective account on their normal submission due date. Instead, they will be required to submit their full revalidation record on their normal submission due date in 2021; i.e. with their renewal in 2021. Please note that all registrants will be expected to renew their registration as normal in 2020; the postponement only applies to the submission of revalidation records. 

We will review the situation for registrants due to submit their revalidation records after 31 August 2020 at a later date and will keep you updated.

If your revalidation submission date is due in the next few weeks you may receive a message that you have missed your submission deadline. Please ignore this message; it will be removed from your record as we update our systems over the next 4-6 weeks. 

Although we are not currently asking registrants to submit their revalidation records, we expect all registrants to keep up-to-date with developments, and reflect on their learning, particularly with reference to COVID-19. We recommend that, where possible, registrants maintain and record their professional development activities and learning.