Professional Standards Authority publishes GPhC performance review for 2019/20

This is the GPhC’s first performance review against the PSA’s new Standards of Good Regulation, which were introduced in 2019. 

The Standards previously focused solely on registration, education, fitness to practise, and standards/guidance.  There are now five new general standards that relate to: the way we provide information; our clarity of purpose and how we apply policies and share learning across all functions; equality, diversity and inclusion; how we report on performance, address corporate complaints and respond to public inquiries and other relevant reports; and finally, the way that we work with stakeholders to identify and manage risks to the public. 

For the first time, the performance assessment has also taken account of the GPhC’s work in relation to registered pharmacies, and this has been reflected in the report.

The PSA found that the GPhC has met 15 out of 18 of the PSA’s Standards of Good Regulation in 2019/20, including all five of the new general standards. 

The PSA concluded that the GPhC had not met three standards relating to fitness to practise. The report recognises the work being carried out to address the concerns in last year’s assessment (published February 2020) and how a number of positive actions have been taken across a number of areas in fitness to practise.  However, due to the timing of the steps set out in our action plan and the period covered by this report, this has had a limited impact on overall performance during the period under review. 

The report covers the period from 1 March 2019 to 28 February 2020, so it does not comment on the GPhC’s regulatory response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

GPhC Chief Executive Duncan Rudkin said:

“We welcome the constructive feedback from the PSA. We are as committed as ever to improving as an organisation, so we can best support the needs of patients, the public and registrants. 

“The action plan established in response to the previous review has resulted in improvements to our processes, as identified by the PSA in its report. We continue to build on these improvements in line with our action plan and regularly evaluate our progress.

“Our strategy about how we will manage concerns [PDF 751k] about pharmacy professionals in the future, which we launched this week, provides an opportunity for all stakeholders to share their views on how we can best achieve our aim of delivering a fitness to practise process that is more proportionate, person-centred and effective.”