Registration assessment update

We know that some candidates have experienced issues when booking their place for the registration assessment. We are very sorry for the worry and anxiety this has caused and we would like to reassure these candidates that we are working hard with Pearson VUE to identify how we can resolve these issues.

The vast majority of candidates across England, Scotland and Wales have been able to book a test centre, with 2705 having successfully registered their places so far. 

We understand some candidates across Great Britain who have booked places may have to travel further than they may have anticipated to sit the assessment.  Pearson VUE test centres are COVID-secure and are complying with social distancing requirements to ensure the safety of candidates.  As a result, capacity at each centre is reduced which explains why, unfortunately, some people will have to travel longer distances than they may wish to.

We recognise that candidates in Scotland have faced particular challenges and some candidates have not yet been able to find a test centre within Scotland.  We are urgently exploring all possible options with Pearson VUE to try to release more places within Scotland and will keep candidates updated on progress.

We can reassure candidates that they are able to travel to sit the assessment as an essential activity. We do however recognise the challenges of travelling long distances and staying away from home during national lockdowns. 

For candidates that have booked to sit the assessment in a test centre that is a significant distance from their home, we will work with Pearson VUE to try and find a more convenient option, although we cannot guarantee this.

We will keep in touch with candidates as we work to secure places for everyone, as near their home as possible in the current circumstances.