Report from meeting on safe and effective pharmacy teams

We have published a report of a meeting we held on safe and effective pharmacy teams on 14 February 2019.

In June 2018 we published new guidance setting out what pharmacy owners are expected to do to ensure a safe and effective pharmacy team and meet the standards set out under Principle 2 of the standards for registered pharmacies.
We included guidance on setting staffing levels and responding to concerns about patient safety within the new guidance document.

In February this year, we organised a meeting with trade, trade union and professional bodies within pharmacy to discuss challenges that pharmacy professionals, pharmacy teams and pharmacy owners are experiencing that could increase the risk of our standards and guidance not being met.

The aim of the meeting was to identify further actions that could be taken by employers, professional bodies, trade associations, unions, regulators and other organisations to help ensure a safe and effective pharmacy team.

The report summarises the discussions at the meeting and our next steps following these.