Second online registration assessment sittings completed

We can confirm that 2,915 candidates sat the registration assessment on 27, 28 and 29 July, with the vast majority of these completing the sitting in Pearson test centres across the UK, and with 34 candidates sitting remotely in the UK and overseas using Pearson’s OnVUE system.

This is the second registration assessment sitting which has taken place online and the three sittings were delivered successfully for the vast majority of candidates.

Technical issues 

A small number of individual candidates did experience some technical issues during the sittings. Several candidates sitting remotely were unable to sit the online registration assessment, with initial analysis suggesting this was due to internet connection issues they were experiencing.  

A small number of candidates sitting in test centres also experienced some technical issues, which were largely resolved by the test centre staff. 

A maximum of four candidates were not able to sit the second paper, due to a system failure in one test centre. We are sorry that it has not been possible for these candidates to complete their assessment, and understand how distressing this has been for them. We have contacted the candidates involved directly to apologise. We are working with Pearson VUE to investigate and prevent similar issues occurring in subsequent sittings.