Understanding COVID-19 outcomes for ethnic minority healthcare workers

The General Pharmaceutical Council and other healthcare regulators are encouraging health professionals to take part in an urgent public health study, backed by the UK Government, to help understand why people from certain ethnic minorities are more likely to have severe COVID-19.

We have written to a cross-section of GPhC pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, inviting them to participate in the United Kingdom Research Study into Ethnicity and COVID-19 Outcomes in Healthcare Workers (UK-REACH), led by the University of Leicester. 

The research project will follow a group of healthcare workers from a range of ethnic backgrounds and healthcare professions for a period of 12 months to see what changes occur in their physical and mental health, how they have changed their professional and social behaviours in response to COVID-19, and how risky their jobs are.

The study will also include non-clinical staff integral to the day to day running of healthcare institutions, including cleaners, kitchen staff and porters.

See more information about the study.