Provisional registration for pharmacists

We have introduced provisional registration in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected the ability of trainees completing the pharmacist pre-registration scheme in 2020 to finish their training as planned, and to sit the registration assessment as originally scheduled.

The aim of provisional registration is to support and enable trainees to use their education and training to support NHS services and provide patient care effectively, while maintaining standards for entry to the register and protecting patient safety.

The individuals on this register are provisionally entered on Part 1 of the register as a pharmacist for a time-limited period, subject to certain restrictions as set out in Initial education and training standards for pharmacists: criteria for registering provisionally [PDF 168 KB]. They are required to meet the standards for pharmacy professionals [PDF 375 KB], including working within the limits of their skills and competence.

We have produced information for employers on their responsibilities [PDF 169 KB] if they employ a provisionally-registered pharmacist.

Read the equality impact analysis [PDF 283 KB] we have completed as part of our work to introduce provisional registration.

Download the provisional register [xls 115 KB]

Last updated 14 October 2020. The document will automatically download, as you click on the above link.

The provisional register is updated regularly, on the first and fifteenth of each month. Please always check the information and download a new copy of the register from this webpage, rather than relying on copies from other sources.