Pre-registration Manual

7. Registration


You cannot register until you have completed your training. There are more details about registration on the GPhC website and you can download the application form and guidance for filling it in.

7.1  Deadlines

We must receive your application at least three weeks before the date you want to register. Your application form must be fully filled in and include all the correct supporting documents.

If your application is incorrect, incomplete or does not have all the supporting documents, it will be delayed.

Please prepare your documents in good time as some must be certified by a solicitor or commissioner for oaths.

7.2  Eligibility to register

To be eligible to apply to join the register, you must at least have:

  • completed all 52 weeks of training and achieved all the performance standards
  • demonstrated your competence to your tutor (in your final assessment from 49 weeks onwards)
  • attempted the registration assessment (although you may not yet know your results), and
  • within the time limits set out in the criteria to register as a pharmacist

7.3 Payment

If your application to join the register is not successful (because you failed the assessment, have not completed your training, or have fitness to practise issue, for example), you will still be charged the application fee. Please take this in to consideration before applying.

If you apply to join the register before the assessment results are released, you may be charged the full registration fee. This does not mean that you have passed the assessment. If you have paid the application fee and then fail the assessment, we will refund the difference between the full registration fee and the application fee.

7.4  Registration dates

Pharmacists (and pharmacy technicians) are registered on two registration days every month. Once we have assessed an application as meeting all our requirements, we enter the applicant onto the register at the next registration date. At this point we issue a unique GPhC registration number, and registration is valid for one calendar year. You must receive a registration number before you are allowed to practise.

You cannot and must not work until you have been registered and you must have proof that you have been registered before starting work as a pharmacist.

If you begin work without being registered with the GPhC, you are committing an offence – even if you have passed pre-registration training and the registration assessment.

You can search the GPhC register here.