Changes to your registration

It’s important that the information we hold about our registrants is accurate and up to date.

This is so that we can accurately identify the pharmacy professionals on our register, and assure the public and employers that they are qualified, fit to practise and meet our standards, through our online public register.

If you are registered with us, you have a duty set out in law to tell us about:

We also ask you for contact details so we can make sure you are aware of new standards and guidance and other information which could affect your registration. You can update these details in myGPhC.

Independent prescribers

If you want to practise as an independent prescriber, you must successfully complete approved education and training, and apply for an annotation to your register entry to show this. You must wait for the annotation to be added before practising in this role.

Leaving the register

If you plan to take a break from practice, or if you no longer want to practise as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician, you should remove yourself from the register by logging in to your myGPhC account and submitting an application for voluntary removal. There is no charge and you can choose when you leave the register. Find out more

Third party notification of a serious accident, illness or death of a registrant

To formally notify us of the death of a registrant, please e-mail Attach a scanned copy of the registrant's death certificate. We will update our records and remove the registrant’s entry from the public register.

If you need to tell us about an accident or severe illness affecting a registrant, where they are no longer able to be registered and are not able to tell us themselves, please get in touch with our contact centre on 0203 713 8000, or via e-mail at

Looking after the information we hold

We use and publish personal information to support our work as the regulatory body for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and registered pharmacies in Great Britain. You can find out more about the information we hold, how we look after it and how we use it in our privacy policy on this website, and also the privacy policy on myGPhC.