Changes to your registration

As a registrant you are able to update or amend personal details held by the GPhC. Additionally you may voluntarily remove your entry from the register if you no longer have a requirement to be registered, subject to certain conditions being met. 

Leaving the register

If you no longer need to be registered with the GPhC or if you are considering retirement, you can apply to have your details removed from the register.

Leaving the register - 3rd party notification of a death or accident

In order to formally notify the GPhC of the death of a registrant, please e-mail with a copy of the registrant's death certificate, so that we may be able to update the registrant's records appropriately. Please note that certificates will not be returned unless it is specifically requested to do so.

In other situations where 3rd party notification is required (e.g., a registrant is forced to leave the register due to an accident or severe illness, and is unable to remain registered but cannot notify the GPhC themselves), please contact us via our Contact Centre on 0203 713 8000, or e-mail for further assistance.

Changing your details

As a registrant you are able to update or amend personal details held by the GPhC like your address, name or other contact details.

Something to declare

Registrants also need to inform us if there are changes to their fitness to practise status and can do so using the forms and information found on this page.


To enable pharmacists who have completed the relevant approved education and training to add an annotation to their entry in the register.