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EEA-qualified pharmacy technicians

If you are an EEA national with an EEA pharmacy technician qualification, you can register with us by:

  1. completing the application for registration as a pharmacy technician (EEA) form
  2. undergoing a skills assessment and sending us a completed assessment framework form

Please read the guidance notes that come with the application form to help make sure that you provide all the information we need, in the correct format. Your application may be delayed if we need to request more information or evidence from you.

If you have any issues in section 2 of the application form which might affect your fitness to practice, you must tell us more about these by filling in a Something to declare form. If you have a health issue which may affect your fitness to practise, submit a Something to declare- health form. You may need to provide other documents from your doctor or other health professionals.

Providing temporary or occasional services

Under EU legislation, EEA qualified pharmacy technicians can apply to provide ‘temporary and occasional’ pharmacy services in the UK. For information on what this means and how to apply please contact info@pharmacyregulation.org.