EEA-qualified pharmacy technicians

If you are an EEA national with an EEA pharmacy technician qualification, you can register with the GPhC by completing the application and assessment framework forms below and returning these to us by post

Application for registration as a pharmacy technician (EEA)

Assessment Framework

Under EU legislation EEA qualified pharmacy technicians can apply to provide temporary and occasional pharmacy services in the UK. For information on what this means and how to apply please contact


English language competency

From 21 November 2016, a new law makes it a legal requirement for you to provide evidence of your English language skills.

You will not be able to register until you have provided evidence that you have the necessary knowledge of English for safe and effective practice. The evidence you provide must comply with our guidance on evidence of English language skills. You can find a full copy of this guidance here.

Key parts of the guidance can also be found in the above information pack.

Please be aware that our requirements concerning evidence of English language skills do not replace the very important role that employers will continue to play in checking that you are competent to carry out the role you are applying for and have the necessary knowledge of English to practise safely and effectively, as part of their interview and selection process.


Knowledge of UK pharmacy laws and ethics

We will also require you to have knowledge of UK Pharmacy laws and ethics. If you have not worked in the UK or want to update your knowledge, we advise you to complete the relevant unit from the current UK qualification. Information on how you can do this can be obtained from Providers of GPhC recognised pharmacy technician qualifications.