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This form may take up-to 30 minutes to fill in; you need to complete the form in one go, as currently, there is no option to save progress and return to finish the form later.


Your details

This section is about you, the person reporting the concern.

If you are reporting a concern for someone else, we will ask you for their details (or the details of their parent or guardian, if they are under 18 years-old) later in the form

Important: You do not have to give us your name or contact details if you do not want to. However, if we cannot contact you and we can’t confirm the information you have given us in any other way, we may not be able to investigate your concern.

Let us know your name

Liaising with you

We will usually contact you by email. Please give us your email address below, or let us know if you would prefer us to only contact you via phone or post.

Communication needs
Type of concern

See below the most common types of concerns we investigate. Click on the 'Help' tip at the bottom of the list for more details on what these common types refer to.

Select as many that apply to help us identify the issue that best matches the concern you would like to report.

The pharmacy professional

A pharmacy professional is a pharmacist or a pharmacy technician who is registered with the GPhC. To determine whether a person is registered with the GPhC, you can check our register (opens on a separate window).

The pharmacy

Please use our register (opens on a separate window) to find the full details of the pharmacy.

Your concern
Reporting concerns for someone else
Please give their name and contact details

If the concern relates to a child under 18 years old, this may be the details of the parent or guardian.

We may have some questions about the concern, or we may need to give you updates about what is happening if a case is opened. Please let us know who would be best to contact with this information.

If you are reporting a concern for someone else, and have asked for us to communicate with you about it, please remember to upload a letter of consent signed by that person. This could be an email or other document. Otherwise we will contact the other person.
Communication preferences