Returning to the register

If it is more than 12 months since you were last registered as a pharmacy professional in Great Britain and you want to start practising in GB again, you will need to apply to return to the register.

We ask you to complete this application because we must be satisfied that you meet the relevant criteria for registration, that you are competent, and that you have taken steps to keep your knowledge and skills up to date for the area of practice you want to work in, and the type of job role you intend to do. 

Important: You must not practise as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician (or use the title ‘pharmacist’ or ‘pharmacy technician’) before the GPhC tells you that your application has been successful and that your name has been restored to the appropriate register. Practising as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician while not on the register is breaking the law and you can be prosecuted.

1. Prepare to return to the register

You should take professional responsibility and prepare thoroughly before applying to return to the register.

As a first step, we would recommend you read our application guidance [Word 1.2 MB] so you know what information you will need to provide, and in what format. 

We would also recommend you:

  • identify any gaps in your knowledge and experience
  • make a plan of action to fill these gaps
  • carry out your action plan

2. Build a portfolio of evidence to confirm your fitness to practise and how you meet the registration criteria

Having identified any gaps in your knowledge and experience, you may want to undertake additional learning and then get certificates to show the learning and skills you have achieved.

As it may take some time to address any knowledge gaps, and gather the information we require to show how you meet the registration criteria, we would recommend you take action well in advance of submitting your application. 

If you are currently, or have been registered with any other healthcare regulator in the UK or overseas during the last five years, then you must provide a certificate of current professional status. This is sometimes called a ‘letter of good standing’. You will need to contact the organisation and request this to be sent directly to us at

We may check the information on this document with the organisation who issued it.

If the certificate of current professional status is not in English, we will send it to you to be translated. We must receive the document within three months of the date it is issued. It is valid for six months from the issue date.

3. Check if you need to provide evidence of English language skills 

If you first joined the register on or before 15 November 2016, and have not provided evidence of your English language skills before, you will need to include it with this application. 

Please see our guidance on providing evidence of English language skills [PDF 793 KB]

4. Complete your application to return to the register

We would recommend you re-read the guidance and do a final check that you have all the required documents and evidence before you submit your application.

Download the return to registration application and guidance pack [Word 1.2 MB] to find out more and apply.

5. Pay your application fee and then re-entry fee

Our fees are set out in the application guidance.

The application fee covers the cost of processing your application and is non-refundable.

The amount you pay depends on the way you left the register, and if you are a pharmacist or pharmacy technician.

You will also need to pay a re-entry fee to re-join the register.

Managing your registration after a successful application to return to the register

If your application to return to the register is successful, you will need to create an account on the myGPhC system to manage your registration and complete your revalidation. We will send you more details in your confirmation letter.

Creating an account on myGPhC [PDF 710 KB]