Our role

Thank you for thinking about raising a concern with us about a pharmacy professional or pharmacy.

Our primary role is to protect the public. We do this by giving advice to pharmacy professionals and pharmacies on areas they need to improve on. Or, where necessary, giving them a warning or putting conditions on how they are allowed to practise. In the most serious of cases we will suspend a pharmacy professional’s registration or remove them from the register altogether.

We understand that it can be difficult to raise a concern. Before you raise something with us we want you to be sure that we are the right organisation to contact, and that you understand what is likely to happen. There is some important information that you will need to read before you raise your concern.

If you have specific communication needs or if you have questions about filling in the form please call us on 020 3713 8000.

The concerns form is also available in Welsh/Cymraeg.

Mynegi Pryderon: Rhagor o wybodaeth ynghylch mynegi pryder wrth y CFfC.

What we won’t investigate

We won’t investigate all concerns about pharmacy professionals and pharmacies, and we have to give preference to concerns where patient safety could be at risk.

We won’t be able to help you obtain compensation or get an apology and won’t investigate concerns relating to these issues.

We also usually won’t investigate the following types of concerns:

  • electronic prescriptions being sent to the wrong pharmacy by a GP or another health professional
  • employment issues – for example, hours of work or employment contracts
  • contractual issues – for example, opening hours or charges for private prescriptions
  • customer service issues – for example, having to wait to get a prescription or a pharmacy professional being rude
  • non-medicinal products – for example, problems with a product such as a shampoo or hairspray which might be sold in a pharmacy but is not a medicine 

We recommend that you raise these concerns with the pharmacy involved, as most concerns can be dealt with quickly and effectively by the pharmacy’s own complaints process.

We are also not usually able to consider a concern about something that happened more than five years ago. This is because the longer it takes a concern to be raised, the more difficult it is to investigate and to get evidence.


I have read the information above and I think the GPhC can help

I have read the information above and am not sure that the GPhC can help. Who else can help?